Axone Nemo

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prod-g-axone-nemo-02Waterproof, able to float and made to military standards.

The AXONE Nemo is made to military standards to withstand the hardest knocks and thrives in the harshest working environments. Unique among diagnostic tools, the AXONE
Nemo is fully waterproof and even floats, thanks to TEXA’s internationally patented technology.

Special production standards.

The AXONE Nemo is manufactured on ultra-modern and fully automatic assembly lines that apply extremely rigorous quality controls and ensure total product traceability. TEXA is one of only a few companies in the diagnosis sector to be certified to ISO TS 16949, the standard demanded of OEM suppliers to the automotive industry.

The AXONE Nemo’s ultra-wide, 12 inch display is incredibly tough thanks to a Gorilla Glass screen and is designed to meet all the mechanic’s needs, even in future years.

The display’s dimensions and resolution permit easy reading of complex wiring diagrams and sophisticated measurements, including electrical readings. It is also ideal for viewing the explanatory videos that are becoming more and more common in the workshop environment.

Needless to say, the display can be used in portrait or landscape orientation.





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