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IDC5 is the latest generation of TEXA’s celebrated operating system for multi-brand diagnostic tools, and another step forward in the service of working mechanics. Thanks to major improvements in code, the new software is faster than ever and guarantees far more rapid communication with vehicle control units. The graphic interface of IDC5 was designed to resemble the latest consumer applications, simplifying and making more intuitive the various steps in maintenance and repair procedures. On top of this, all diagnostic pages were redesigned to give a fuller view of the information most relevant to you. Even the menu was revised and is now arranged vertically.This new solution lets you scroll rapidly through all available options without ever having to change page. And a simple touch gesture is all that is needed to zoom in on the functions you want.

The extremely useful “Interactive Wiring Diagrams” function* lets you consult wiring diagrams using animations of a system’s devices and an interactive map generated to show signal flows to and from the control units. Another new function lets you view and manage vehicle parameters. These can even be displayed in graphic form and can be filtered using text searches or by selecting those only of real interest.

IDC5 is constantly evolving and is open to whatever technologies appear in the near future, including, for example, those offering the possibility to select and activate diagnostic functions by voice





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