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TPS (Tyre Pressure Service) is TEXA’s solution for tyre-related service operations. TPS boasts an exceptional coverage of makes and models as well as TEXA’s traditionally robust design and build quality.

Once you have selected the make and model of vehicle, TPS can dialogue with the valve sensors on each wheel. Placing the tool near the sensors allows you to activate them and check their efficiency even if they are in stand-by mode at the time. The tool’s own display reads out pressure, temperature and battery charge level (where available), as well as the relevant identification codes and all other diagnostic information provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

TPS lets you check the condition of sensors and replace them if necessary. The tool’s own built-in database provides a list of compatible spare parts for each selected vehicle. TEXA’s vast database also provides other items of valuable information, including correct procedures for rotating tyres.

If a sensor is replaced by a universal spare part, the TPS tool can even program the new sensor to assign it the same identification code as the old one and link it to the receiver or vehicle control unit.

The procedures are made simple by a highly intuitive menu that guides you through all options step by step.

Thanks to the free “TPMS Repair” app, which guides users step by step through every operation, and via the integrated Bluetooth module, TPS can communicate with any Windows PC running TEXA IDC5 software, the AXONE 4 and the AXONE 4 Mini.

Thanks to the versatility of TPS, a PC, AXONE 4 or AXONE 4 Mini interface can serve as a display unit to provide greater monitor resolution. And more importantly, with a VCI, the technician is even able to communicate with the vehicle’s control units, specifically those involved in the tyre pressure monitoring system.






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